Fostering Exceptional Hiring with MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar (Edgar) is a “small team of hard-working nerds with gigantic hearts” who have a “huge soft spot for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and love getting to be a part of their success.”

The company’s founder Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. And she’s quick to tell you that “Edgar is more than a social media scheduling tool, rather a full social media content management system.”

If you were to work at Edgar, you’d quickly come to learn about their philosophy, which is “Progress not Perfection” and this is supported by their core company values:

  • Be honest, but always choose kindness.
  • Think critically, but don’t judge.
  • Take ownership.
  • Provide value.

The Edgar culture truly supports everyone to be bold, dedicate time to self-improvement and share honest feedback. Each individual takes ownership of their role in the business and actively seeks ways to improve, refine, and iterate.

While the workplace is a “fun” and a “positive” place to work it is also a challenging place to work for the reason that they hire people who are great at what they do, yet who strive to be better. There’s no freeloading or being comfortable here. The Edgar team all possess a deeper yearning to express their greatness and provide quality service to their customers and their work.

This embedded work ethic of constant improvement means within the team they recognise each individual has something to contribute whether it’s ideas or constructive criticism. And the best part is each team member understands that the feedback is not personal. Constant inner team growth means the company’s structure and processes evolve to the same degree of its employees. Edgar is progressive as an entity; they operate as a whole and not just individual cogs of the wheel.


The company product, Edgar, solves social media for business, helping marketers and entrepreneurs manage their feeds with more consistency and in less time. This comes in pretty handy when you want to streamline your business and place more effort into other areas within the company that will attribute to it’s growth and not let your social media dwindle.

The system works by filling up your queues and accounts automatically every single day, and shares your social updates again and again over time, so you never run out of things to post and the content you work hard on gets more than just one chance to be seen.


Aside from the brilliant way they run social media, Edgar has an exceptional way in which they run the recruitment processes within the company. Mind you, it hasn’t come without hard work and taking a serious inward look. But, it has yielded a positive outward effect.

We asked Sarah Park, from Operations about some of the initial problems Edgar came up against when hiring in their team, and the ways they addressed those issues to foster amazing hiring.

Three initial problems Edgar came up against with hiring included:
1. Finding the right culture fit, specifically in a remote work environment.
2. Ensuring they were attracting the highest skilled applicants possible.
3. Getting a clearer and better understanding of applicants during the interview process - ensuring they were bringing on new team members who could start adding value right away, from day one.

A company that is able to foster amazing hiring is one that is able to identify problems as they arise and respond to these needs within their workplace, which Edgar has truly been able to do. Once identifying the needs to be addressed, Edgar took action by implementing various practices, methods and policies.


“With each position we’re hiring for, before we begin interviewing, we’ll create a hiring flow that involves various team members at different stages of the process. We might have one person doing tech interviews, one person doing culture interviews, and other team members doing pair programming or other skills tests. Each team member knows their role and the steps that came before/after their own.”


Edgar re-wrote their job listings and ensured they focused on the details that top applicants would be excited by and would want to know. They also focused on non-tangible aspects that make working at Edgar different, so that “Applicants understand not just what the position entails, but what working for us would actually feel like”.


Unfortunately, subjective opinion creeps in when it comes to recruiting as it is within our very nature to favour certain attributes, qualities and skills over others - which is why a team of various recruiters comes in handy. It smoothes out bias and supports applicants in being treated fairly. Egdar took this in stride by creating standards around test projects (e.g. giving applicants fair compensation, or making sure people who couldn’t fit a large or time-intensive project into their lifestyle were not penalised).


This kind of implementation and procedure around recruitment is not a one-step process, nor overnight success. “It’s always ongoing! With every position we hire for, we make improvements on the previous process based on feedback and any challenges we encountered,” Sarah said.

True success is progressive, it moves organically because it’s responsive. This kind of progressive change has been possible within the team because they ensure that “everybody on the team is invested in the process.”

Being a small team means a single bad hire is very disruptive to productivity. Hence why Edgar place importance around educating and involving team members with the recruitment decision making process. Sarah explains that having this kind of support and team camaraderie they are on the way to “getting it right the first time”.

While their core business focus is providing an amazing social media system, they also seem to be well on the way to mastering and fostering a amazing hiring system. Edgar spends a greater amount of time on hiring now than they previously have, which means they also reap rewards far greater than before. Through their trial and error, plus their consistent tweaks and adjustments, Edgar is now “100% comfortable” with new hires diving into the job immediately.

“Our onboarding process is shorter and more productive, and we feel that it’s given us the ability to have complete trust in our team, which encourages them to take ownership early on,” Sarah proudly said.


Evidently, if you work at Edgar, you’ll know you’re working with a bunch of people who are really great at what they do and you’ll be in an environment that inspires you to be better.

So if by now you’re still reading and potentially thinking you may like to work at a company like Edgar, we also got the ins and outs of what the interview process is like. Just for you - so you’re prepared of course!

Goal 1: Get to the meat of who someone is and how they produce their best work as quickly as possible. The team spend a good deal of time talking to people about what gets them excited, what they are passionate about and they put you in scenarios that support your passion to shine right on out.

Goal 2: You’re not a jerk to work for - don’t be one on the interview! Sarah suggests applicants to show “Genuine interest” and in turn the team will make an effort to make you feel comfortable in opening up and being yourself.

Goal 3: Interview Structure: An interview with Edgar is based on “a mix of structured interviews and casual conversations with various team members, mostly via video calls.” Basically they encourage and offer many opportunities for you to pair up and work with various members of their team through test projects - which work wonders if you’re not brilliant in talking about yourself. And through Slack (their choice of team communication) you’ll have the opportunity to meet even more team members and really get a feel of what it’s like around the watercooler and in the workplace.

Want to work at Edgar? They’re hiring! Check out their job openings on our job board here