Igniting Team Spirit with The Entourage

The Entourage is Australia’s leading Education Institution for Entrepreneurs; providing accredited education to their members all over Australia, offering real-world “been-there-done-that” experience and mentor-ship, and educating them on how to grow their business.

The company’s vision is to “push civilization forward; to be force of momentum and change, and to ignite in humanity the principles of greatness, innovation, daring and intuitive uniqueness”.

It’s to no surprise to then hear that The Entourage was nominated by BRW as Australia’s Top 4th place of under 100 employees to work.

This exuberant and highly motivated workplace is an inspiration to themselves as an organization first, which then transpires across to the budding entrepreneurs and various individuals they work with. On a deeper level The Entourage are addressing the problems of traditional workplace culture, like mediocrity; conventionality and soul-less business and life - they are inspiring people to step out from just being cogs in a wheel.


The deep rooted philosophy of The Entourage is: When an individual's soul is aligned with their heart, that enables people to do their life’s best work.

Their Founder, Jack Delosa believes that “Authenticity amplifies aptitude and eliminates effort” and what he means is that there is a “genuine greatness” within everyone and when individuals apply that greatness to a vision that has “risen, unimpeded, from within,” pure-personal desire inspires them to do their life’s best work and it feels effortless and very natural.

In other words, “There is nothing in this world that can be learned, inherited or manufactured that is more powerful than the authentic creative expression of an inspired human being.”

This kind of authentic expression is what The Entourage holds themselves (and others) accountable to. To continually rise, grow and be their best (individually and also as a collective) is at the forefront of all they do.

What’s great about their philosophy is that it can be translated into other companies. It can be applied into our societies; our education system and our governments. It’s mainly about bringing back the soul and heart into the common vernacular of business and society.


Jack will be the first to tell you that their culture is not for everyone, which is why they are committed to protecting and nourishing it.

“The work we produce is world-class, high-volume, intellectually demanding and imbued, at all times, with a genuine adherence to our vision, mission and values. Others may view our culture as demanding and pressured; those crazy enough to work with us regard it as high-reward and invigorating.”

The Entourage addresses culture and work ethic before any potential candidate becomes part of the team. With the grand vision the company holds, it requires them to truly find the right people for the various team placements. In their recruitment process they use deselection as a method for finding the right team players. This deselection process allows for candidates to work out for themselves if they’re aligned with the vision, mission and values of the company before becoming a part of it.

“It is the most accurate method of ensuring our superstars (the name given to all team members) are 100% committed to fulfilling their individual role as we drive our collective mission forward.” Jack said.

You’ll also find that you don’t need to have a “Superstar” resume in order to become part of The Entourage, because they don’t believe that a resume can tell you who a person is, nor what they stand for, what their values are and what they refuse to compromise on. They know that a resume doesn’t depict the individual's ability to “transform pressure into momentum”.

“Looking at a resume and thinking you understand the person is like believing you know what it is like to stand on the top of the world, because you saw a photo of Mt. Everest.”

Jack is very clear on his personal mission to “Inspire and enable more people to dream out loud,” which is why he places such importance around team selection.

The Entourage has ten core values that they embody as a family (team). They place huge significance on their values and only bring on team members that capture and amplify these principles.


You’ll find The Entourage’s intention is to create a company culture about the spirit and soul of a company. The Entourage believe that a company is not an entity in itself, rather the “cumulative creation of the people who work within it”. The culture is determined by the willingness and eagerness of its people to grow, expand, push boundaries and how they share their messages with their customers.

It’s been said that working at The Entourage is “crazy” and that the company produces more than most companies produce in a quarter. This is possible because of the people within it. The common thread amongst The Entourage staff is that achieving so much, working hard and kicking goals actually inspires them. They find it invigorating to work in an organization that supports them to be more and to realise the “greatness” they hold inside them.

“We choose our superstars because they have the natural tenacity and enthusiasm to complete the work that is required, and the compassion and strength to support others in the team, as they do the same.” Jack said.

If you’re wondering how the team thrives in this high-achieving environment, you’ll find the secret answer is that for these superstars their job is not just a job. Each person who works at The Entourage doesn’t consider what they do as “work” in the traditional sense.They each work how they do, for as long as they do, because they are inspired to do so. They see what they do as personally aligned with their vision for the world, their mission and values - so naturally they love to be where they are, doing what they do. Jack explains that the team reap the benefits of “touching more lives, initiating greater change, at a more accelerated rate than they would if they worked fewer hours.”


If you work for The Entourage, you’ll work for an organization and with a team who are genuinely inspired, caring and passionate about helping others thrive and succeed in their business and personal lives.

Scott Brown, The Entourage’s Technology Hub Manager says that The Entourage has “changed his life and continues to do so every single day.”

Through The Entourages close-knit and family-like culture, Scott has found a community that “listens” when he would like to be heard, while also allows him to “step into unchartered territory” for the purpose of innovating their industry.

One of the most profound aspects of The Entourage’s culture is that they will never sacrifice their “heartbeat for quicker success”, or step outside of their values in any way. Each member is clear about delivering authentic, valuable education and choose wholeheartedly to stand true to that in each moment of every day.

They foster the team spirit further by encouraging personal and professional growth. In fact, The Entourage offers several scheduled opportunities for their team to connect and communicate. For example, at the beginning of each week they hold “Monday Morning Inspiration” whereby the entire team gathers to hear what the high level focus will be for the business and to enjoy a moment of inspiration – a video, a story, a TEDx talk.

If that wasn’t enough, I think what truly ignites the flames of team spirit is their Make it Happen Circle. Here they open up the floor for any team members who wish to give praise or thanks to their fellow team players for something they executed that week, something that impressed them, WOW’d them, touched their heart, inspired them or helped them in some way.

In addition to these weekly events, The Entourage holds departmental monthly sessions, and run a Facebook page specifically designed for uncensored, spontaneous sharing and communication.

All these simple practices truly allow for team connection and spirit to burn bright. This connection then fuels the go get ‘em attitude that is evident within each superstar and the company moves forward to achieve their vision and mission as one big entourage. They may be many, yet they move as one!