WDStories: Kayleigh Karutis, Invision

Name: Kayleigh Karutis
Position: Content Strategist
Based in Denver, Colorado

After working as a news reporter, then in public relations and in marketing as a copywriter and editor, I felt I had reached a point in my career where I wanted and needed a more challenging role that would push me to grow both in skill and mindset. I had done quite a bit of freelance and contracting work, so I was familiar with a remote-ish setup, and knew I loved the autonomy remote work afforded. I had created a “short list” of companies I was inspired by and whose mission, work and values aligned with my own, and InVision was on that list. I took a shot in the dark and cold-emailed InVision CEO Clark Valberg directly to “pitch” myself. I knew InVision supported remote work, and I was impressed by the content, copy, and marketing strategy I saw the company using. When Clark connected me with the content team at InVision, I realized just how amazingly bright and hardworking everyone was, and knew I wanted to be part of it!

I made the change to Invision because working in a traditional office, 9-5, and commuting 1+ hour daily was taking a toll. I felt I was trying to fit a round peg in a square hole: that “set up” wasn’t conducive to my own work environment preferences, I felt stymied by a more hierarchical, corporate leadership structure, and felt I could not make the impact I wanted to make. InVision has given me a workplace where I know I am contributing a lot, and has given me the opportunity to not just get better at what I’m already good at, but explore things I’ve wanted to try. It’s given me a team that I can learn from, because it has some of the smartest individuals I’ve ever met, and it’s given me the freedom to work at a pace and in an environment that fits me.

I’ve worked in other cultures such as a traditional newsroom, where I was in a “bullpen” style office, on tight deadlines, in a small public relations agency, and in a university setting within the school’s marketing department, which was structured in a way similar to an agency.

The main thing I wanted to move away from that really defined my past roles was corporate hierarchy. It’s frustrating to be in a work environment where the biggest title, not the best idea, “wins.” Trying to think outside the box and offer unique, creative ideas in that sort of environment was defeating. I have found pretty much the exact opposite experience at InVision. At InVision, the emphasis is on outcomes, not just sitting at a desk for a prescribed number of hours. I find that level of trust to be empowering and inspiring.

My previous work environments often made me feel like I was spinning my wheels. As a person who is a bit Type A/perfectionist, with a lot of drive and passion for what I do, that sort of environment was pretty frustrating, and that frustration leached into other parts of my life. My role at InVision makes me feel as though I am contributing to something that matters, that I am valued by my team and the larger organization, and that I am only limited by the boundaries I put on myself.

My life’s changed quite a bit for the better since joining InVision. I am no longer wasting hours of my week in my car in Denver rush hour traffic; I use that time now to exercise and take care of my dogs. I have more control over the environment I work in, so if I want a higher-energy environment, I can go to a coffee shop, but if I am needing quiet time to write and think, I can find that right in my own apartment. It may sound odd but it’s also really nice to be able to throw a load of laundry in the washer or take care of some chores or errands mid-day and not have to wait til the weekend or evenings to go that sort of thing. I also really enjoy making my meals at home, and have been eating healthier as a result.