WDStories: Andrew Cullen, Invision

Name: Andrew Cullen
Position: Lead Product Designer
Based in London, England

Before joining InVision, I spent the previous eight years working at a digital agency where we used InVision heavily, so I knew the platform well. I was seeking a new role where I’d have the opportunity to solve problems without the constraints that are often imposed upon you with agency work. Since I was already a fan of the platform, I was excited at the thought of joining the team. Clark Valberg, InVision CEO, responded to my application, and we chatted a few times to see if I’d be a good fit and whether my ideas and method of working aligned with Clark’s. Fortunately for me, he offered me the job.

I wanted to make the career/workplace change because I loved that Invision offered the opportunity to work remotely. Working remotely gives InVision team members authorship over their lives in a way many people can’t have if they’re working a tradition desk job. We place the emphasis on outcomes, not physical presence. If an employee wants to spend more time with their children, pursue a hobby, or simply structure their day in a way that’s more conducive to tapping into their best work habits, they can do that.

Being remote also lets us tap into talent that isn’t limited by physical location. We’re able to bring on team members who are great at what they do regardless of where they’re located. As of today, InVision employs 189 people in 10 countries including the US (and we’re hiring!)

Before joining InVision, I had never contemplated a fully remote job—I found working from home difficult because the agency wasn’t set up to facilitate this way of working.

We succeed at making remote work by being deliberate about our communication process. We have work-related communication tools, like Slack, Dropbox and Google Hangouts, as well as non-work related community building. Our team members are encouraged to be a part of our online community through participation in groups, chats, and in leading their own. We incentivize individuals to create and support their own channels, and encourage people to discuss what they’re passionate about. It’s a thoughtful process that emphasizes inclusion and community.

Since becoming an employee of Invision, I love it in my home office environment. I feel much less distracted working on my own and I still get to spend a good chunk of my day speaking with colleagues, so I never feel lonely.

With a fully distributed team, it makes a huge difference because everybody is in the same boat and the required processes are in place to allow everybody to enjoy the benefits of remote working without feeling like they’re missing out on things. I love the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. If I want to spend the afternoon at the coffee shop, I just pack up my Macbook and off I go. I recommend mixing up your surroundings every now and again to keep things fresh.

And now, because I can work remotely I have a great head start on the work/life balance. I use the time I used to spend commuting to the office in the morning to take my dog for a walk and to eat breakfast without rushing out the door. I also try to make sure I have some “offline” time in the evening so I can spend a few distraction-free hours with my family.