WDStories: Erin Nilles, Ruby Receptionists

Name: Erin Nilles
Title: Receptionist
Ruby since 2015

As a little kid, I always showed up for career day as a receptionist—looking quite similar to the Ruby mascot in fact. I couldn’t imagine a more important position at any office (plus being able to shred paper seemed like such a blast!) I tried working in an office once, but was so bored I thought I would never be able to realize my receptionist dream.

In college, I found myself pursuing a retail career entirely by accident—one that lasted more than 10 years. Every year in retail became more and more soul-crushing and stifling to my creativity as an artist. When I took a job managing a cosmetics counter, my depression hit an all-time low. It was clear I needed a change.

I took my time looking, as the last thing I wanted was to end up at a company I disliked in an equally disappointing position. After an exhaustive search and a few disappointing interviews, I found Ruby Receptionists. I heard nothing but lovely stories about Ruby from a friend I had volunteered with. As I did my research, I found the Ruby core values on the website and was hooked! As a queer, female, social justice ally, I felt Ruby would allow me to not only be myself, but would also support me as an artist/activist beyond the walls of the office.

Now that I’m here, I cannot even begin to articulate how much happier I am. I’m more motivated and supported to take creative endeavors outside of Ruby. For example, I have produced two incredibly successful performance art shows, developed a brand for a production team, and even been able to enjoy free time. I rarely leave work feeling drained.

What I find incredibly beautiful about Ruby is if I do find myself struggling, I simply have to reach out to my support team to find relief. Most other jobs either don’t offer any support or seeking it is seen as a weakness. Ruby has changed my life for the better. I’m finally proud to say where I work and want to build a career here with some of the most incredibly kind and professional people I have ever met. Thanks Ruby!