WDStories: Steph Yiu, Automattic

Name: Steph Yiu
Position: Account Engineer and Team Lead

I remember the first time I saw the Automattic “Work With Us” page. Two immediate thoughts:
WordPress is a company?! That is so cool.
Wait, you can work from anywhere?

I’d been using WordPress for years, both personally and professionally. The more I read about the company, the more I realized that this was where I wanted to work. I believed in the mission: to democratize publishing, and I loved how international the company (and users) were. As someone who has grown up in many different countries and cultures, Automattic seemed like a place where I would fit in.

Initially, I wasn’t looking for a change in work. I loved my previous job and the people I worked with. But, I met an Automattic employee at a conference who told me about the company and encouraged me to apply. After reading about Automattic, I thought I would love it even more than my current job, and that my work would have a bigger impact. I was right.

My background is in the journalism world, which meant I was used to working in a newsroom atmosphere. It was noisy, busy, exciting, stressful, and awesome. As much as I loved being heads down in the stories of the day, I was always interested in improving the tools that we used in the newsroom, so that we could publish faster, and more flexibly. I was always the one in the newsroom experimenting with different methods of storytelling. I knew that WordPress was one of the most flexible publishing platforms out there, and I wanted to contribute to the project. Improvements to WordPress would help newsrooms, publishers, and bloggers around the world, and that was so exciting to me.

When I first started working at Automattic it was a huge adjustment. I was suddenly in control of my day. I could plan out my schedule, my location, and what works for me. It made me more proactive about finding ways to improve how I work, and I’m learning how to be better at it every day.

I feel like a different person since joining Automattic. I’ve traveled around the world, reshuffled my work/life balance, worked with the smartest people I’ve ever met, pushed to my limits, and grown exponentially.

Listen to what Steph has to say about working at Automattic below.